“The deal was negotiated by Yogita Puri on behalf of The Ink Factory and Emily Hayward Whitlock of the Artists Partnership on behalf of Barbara J Zitwer Agency and KL Management, who are the international agents of Un Su Kim. The Ink Factory’s LA team led by Stephen Cornwell will develop the project, with Michele Wolkoff as creative lead.” Go to the full article on The Bookseller


The Plotters hums with menace, humor, heartbreak, and savagery. The killers and schemers haunting its pages range from dens of villainy to desperate scenes of quiet domesticity, offering a view of the world from the depths of its own shadow. The result is wild, weird, and completely engrossing.”Jedediah Berry, author of The Manual of Detection

“Now this is a story with power and style. The one-two punches of humor are a nice bonus. You’ll be laughing out loud every five minutes. You’ll find yourself contemplating the meaning of life, death, and desire for a long, long time. Make sure you leave your evening free, because you won’t be able to put this book down once you start.” You-jeong Jeong, author of The Good Son

“A book of revelations for murder both violent yet graceful, dark yet poetic. With sharp humor and sparkling prose, Un-su Kim stylishly spins the tale of the extraordinary life of an ordinary assassin.” J.M. Lee, author of The Investigation

The Plotters by Un-su Kim is a work of literary genius; a quirky, compelling, intelligent, darkly funny, highly original and thought-provoking thriller like nothing I’ve read. Gorgeous prose elevates the basest of characters and answers the question: How can ours be a life well-lived if we only do as we’re told? I loved this book!” Karen Dionne, author of The Marsh King’s Daughter




















Finalist for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s “Summer Reads” Book Club

Selected title for Books at Berlinale 2019

“Jeong expertly inches up the tension in this crafty, creepy story.” —The Guardian, The Best Recent Crime Novels

“[A] superlative thriller . . . Readers who enjoy grappling with the issue of a narrator’s reliability will relish Yu-jin, who believes that ‘being true to life wasn’t the only way to tell a story.’” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Jeong slowly winds readers up with taut, high-tension wire . . . A creepy, insidious, blood-drenched tale in which nothing is quite what it seems.”
Kirkus Reviews

This book will pull you in; as you devour it, you may find yourself chilled to the bone by its unflinching depiction of the evil coiled within us.”

—Kyung-Sook Shin, bestselling and Man Asian Literary Prize-winning author of Please Look After Mom

 Illustration Credits:  Virginia Mori


II cover shin per approvazione

Acclaimed Best Book 2018

Author of  Please Look After Mom and first woman to win the Asian Man Prize

­­­­­The Court Dancer is a meditation on the social changes that force people to confront the double-edged swords of tradition and modernism.”—New York Journal of Books

“By placing Korean history beside a Western narrative, Shin highlights the disparity between Europe and the more isolated Asian nation. At its core, “The Court Dancer” examines what countries lose in identity in exchange for technological advancement.”—The Washington Post

“Kyung-Sook Shin has become one of South Korea’s most popular authors, and for good reason. Her deep understanding of the subtleties of the human heart effortlessly crosses borders and informs her portrait of a different place and a faraway time.”—NPR

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«Quando Ranocchia viene ripescato dall’acqua gelida del fiume, più morto che vivo, ciò che il paese sospettava da tempo diventa certezza: è impazzito. Già non è mai stato molto brillante, con il suo fare svagato e il fisico gracile, inabile al lavoro nei campi. Da quando poi se n’è andato di casa per calcare le assi del palcoscenico sotto l’egida di quel cialtrone di Baldo Bandini, capocomico e vagabondo…

Inevitabile che la sua mente, già debole, cedesse. Il ragazzo viene internato nel manicomio di Como e tutti pensano di aver risolto il problema, senza considerare che nello stesso istituto è entrata da pochi mesi anche Bianca, la Maestrina, la ragazza che ha insegnato a Ranocchia a leggere, amare e soffrire.

E nessuno, fuori, sa che quel presunto rifugio è un luogo molto pericoloso, tra gli intrighi dell’infermiera Clementina e del suo assistente nano e le «cure» del Dottor Lucio, deciso a incidere il suo nome nella storia della scienza a costo di passare sul cadavere dei pazienti.

La parola d’ordine per Ranocchia diventa: fuggire. Ma non da solo. Il romanzo d’esordio di Mattia Conti è un’incalzante avventura all’incrocio tra il mondo affascinante dei teatranti e quello cupo dei folli, capace di illuminare in modo struggente l’amore e il suo inevitabile doppio: il tradimento.» (Fonte: Solferino Libri)


Jung-myung Lee shortlisted at Premio Bancarella (Pontremoli, july 16th)

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‘The Accusation’ is the first anti-North Korea book written by someone still living inside

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Copies of “The Accusation” translated into different languages are placed next to each other Thursday on the Bridge of Freedom at Imjingak in Paju.

View the article and video on CNN.com.

(From Barbara Zitwer’s website)



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