About us

typewriter-1248089_1920Gabriella Ambrosioni Srl is a literary agency located formerly in Bologna (until December 2019), then (from January 2020)  in the center of Milan. The agency was established in 2002. After eight years in publishing, Gabriella Ambrosioni decided to launch a literary agency.

Gabriella Ambrosioni is co-founder and current President in charge of ADALI, the first national association of the Italian literary agencies.

The agency represents both foreign agencies and publishers in Italy and Italian authors – and in some exceptional cases foreign authors – in Italy and abroad (see represented authors), both for publication and for film rights.

Translation rights are sold in many countries through the agency’s extensive network of co-agents and in other countries directly.

The agency handles fiction (both literary and commercial fiction) and children’s literature, but also narrative non-fiction, history, biographies, business, adventure, current affairs, science and medicine. We do not handle poetry, unless it is the work of an author we already represent.

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