UN FRUTTO ACERBO di W. Greg uscito con Bompiani

Un frutto acerbo

Wioletta Greg

(Fonte: Bompiani)


Wioletta Greg è nata a Rzeniszów, in Polonia, nel 1974 e vive nell’Essex. Tra il 1998 e il 2018 ha pubblicato svariate raccolte di poesie che hanno ricevuto grande riscontro dalla critica e ottenuto diversi premi. Il suo primo romanzo, Un frutto acerbo, è stato selezionato per l’International Man Booker Prize nel 2017. Le sue opere sono state tradotte in nove lingue.

(Fonte: Bompiani)

Wioletta Greg(Wioletta Grzegorzewska) is writer, editor and translator. Born in southern Poland, she moved to the UK in 2006. She currently resides in the town of Ryde on the Isle of Wight. Wioletta has published several volumes of poetry in Poland, Canada and the UK, including Wyobraźnia kontrolowana(Controlled Imagination, 1998), Parantele(Kinships, 2003), Orinoko(2008), Inne obroty (Alternate Turns, 2010), the bilingual Pamięć Smieny/Smena’s Memory (2011), Finite Formulae & Theories of Chance (2014), the collection of short prose forms: Notatnik z wyspy (Notes from an Island, 2011) and a debut novella, Guguly (Unripened Fruit, 2014), in which she revisits the experience of growing up in Communist Poland.


2015  Novella Gugułyshortlisted for Gdynia Literary Prize + Novella Gugułyshortlisted for one of the most prestigious awards for Polish literature          “The Nike Literary Award” (Nagroda Literacka Nike) + “Finite Formulae and Theories of Chance” shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize in Canada + “Złota Sowa Polonii” in Vienna

2008 Tyska Zima Poetycka Prize in Poland

2007 Competition “Polish Books” in London

Wioletta on Wikipedia: here
Source: Barbara Zitwer Literary Agency




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