La Danzatrice di Seul (The Court Dancer) by Kyung-Sook Shin soon to be published by Piemme

Acclaimed Best Book 2018

Author of  Please Look After Mom and first woman to win the Asian Man Prize

II cover shin per approvazione

­­­­­The Court Dancer is a meditation on the social changes that force people to confront the double-edged swords of tradition and modernism.”—New York Journal of Books

“By placing Korean history beside a Western narrative, Shin highlights the disparity between Europe and the more isolated Asian nation. At its core, “The Court Dancer” examines what countries lose in identity in exchange for technological advancement.”—The Washington Post

“Kyung-Sook Shin has become one of South Korea’s most popular authors, and for good reason. Her deep understanding of the subtleties of the human heart effortlessly crosses borders and informs her portrait of a different place and a faraway time.”—NPR

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