DAY #2 – Live news from 2017 London Bookfair

  • “Turn, Click, Swipe: the next Chapter for Academic Publishing

    We are told that the tipping point for print vs digital has been reached – but what does this mean for academic publishing? Consume as you need, consume as you could — or consume as you should? During Academic Book Week, 5 experts from the publishing, academic, librarian and tech worlds debated the future.

    Our last edition Tech Tuesday took place on the 24 January. Turn, Click, Swipe: the next Chapter for Academic Publishing was held in Oxford; the first outside of London, and the first to be part of Academic Book Week.

  • Speaker Profiles

    David Taylor, Senior Vice President, Content Acquisition International, Ingram Content Group

    Rachel Lammey, based in Oxford, has worked for a scholarly publisher for six years before joining Crossref in 2012. She worked in Product Management at Crossref before moving over to the Member & Community Outreach team in 2016 and run events for their members and co-ordinate their outreach activities around the globe. Crossref is a not-for-profit membership organisation for scholarly publishing working to make content easy to find, cite, link, and assess. @rachaellammey

    Pippa Smart is a publishing consultant with over 25 years’ experience of working within STM publishing. She now advises publishers (particularly non-commercial associations) and editors on the development of their publishing programmes and journals – particularly on editorial strategy and trends and developments within scholarly publishing. She also provides training for editors and publishers on behalf of organizations such as ALPSP and through her own company, on issues such as editorial and publishing development and on copyright and licensing issues. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Learned Publishing, writes the monthly ALPSP newsletter, is on the Council of the European Association of Science Editors and is a non-Executive Director of Practical Action Publishing. @pippasmart

    Andy Redman is the Editorial Director for Law at Oxford University Press. OUP publishes a number of recognised legal authorities across formats for the scholarly, practitioner, and police markets. The academic book programme in Law includes over 100 new academic books each year ranging from single author monographs to multi-contributor commentaries, all of which are also published digitally through Oxford Scholarship Online or specialist law research offerings such as Oxford Public International Law. He previously worked for Thomson Reuters.

    Chris Fowler, has worked at Oxford Brookes University Library since 1995. She is currently Academic Liaison Librarian for the School of Arts, supporting students, researchers and academic staff in Film Studies, Fine Art, Music and Publishing. She has also chaired the Art Libraries Society (ARLIS/UK & Ireland) Publications Committee before serving as Chair of ARLIS from 2013 to 2015.

    Chaired by: Jacks Thomas, Director, The London Book Fair”


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