Han Kang and La Vegetariana (Adelphi) tour through Italy

Han Kang, La vegetariana, Traduzione di Milena Zemira Ciccimarra, Adelphi, 2016, p. 177, Euro 18,00
Han Kang, La vegetariana, Traduzione di Milena Zemira Ciccimarra, Adelphi, 2016, p. 177, Euro 18,00
La Lettura, Corriere della Sera, 23 ottobre 2016
La Lettura, Corriere della Sera, 23 ottobre 2016

Han Kang’s tour through Italy is just over. Here following you find some pics taken during her interviews at Diana Majestic Hotel by Porta Venezia in Milan, with Marie Claire journalist Marta Cervino and the Adelphi press-office contacts, Benedetta Senin and Federica Gagliardi.

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Some pics taken during her signing books for crowds of fans, at Libreria Internazionale in Turin:

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Here is during her interview at Palace Hotel in Turin (thanks to Mary Lou Emberti for her precious instant translation from Korean!):


Here once again in Milan, after coming back from Turin, at Diana Majestic Hotel; Han Kang has been received by Roberto Calasso (Adelphi Editorial Director) and by the editor and translator Milena Zenira Ciccimarra and by all the Adelphi staff.

Afterwards, Han Kang has presented La Vegetariana at the Gogol bookstore, with Letizia Muratori: the bookstore was fully crowded and a long fans-queue waited for author’s signatures once the lecture was over!

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Last tour stop, Rome.

After a quick lunch, Han Kang has been interviewed, at Locarno Hotel (via della Penna, 10), by Tg2 journalist Sonia D’Ottavio.

Afterwards, a short pop-in by Radio3.rai, for an interview at Farenheit:

“Daily book: LA VEGETARIANA by Han Kang, just published by Adelphi”, with Loredana Lipparini (you can listen it by clicking on this link, radio3.rai.it), with the interpreter Mary Lou Emberti.

The hectic Kang’s Italian days have been kept on with the lecture at Nuova Europa bookstore in Rome, with Caterina Bonvicini (writer and journalist).

And… the last picture is with Gabriella Ambrosioni, Han Kang’s Italian literary agent! Gabriella accompanied Han in her Italian tour, day by day, city by city, bookstore by bookstore, hotel by hotel. A busy week, after the busy Frankfurter Buchmesse earlier week! But this was a great adventure!

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